Auditing Acadia University Courses

As part of our efforts to foster lifelong learning, community members age 50+ are eligible to audit courses.

What does it Mean to Audit a Course?
Not all students want to study for credit. Some want to attend a course simply for interest. Auditing a course means that you are formally registered in a course and are permitted to attend lectures but are not required to submit coursework or write final exams.

What Courses are Eligible to be Audited?
Permission to audit is based on demand for credit registration and some courses are not available for audit purposes.

In order to audit, courses must be:

  • Lecture based
  • No labs
  • Wolfville main campus only
  • No Waitlist

How do I Register?

Registration for Winter 2024 is now closed.

Fall 2024 registration will open the end of August.