There's always a reason to learn. There's always time to grow.

At Acadia, we're firm believers that education is a truly lifelong pursuit. What are your interests and your passions? What do you always wish you had studied?

While we remain committed to lifelong learning, COVID-19 has required significant changes and precautions. We’re sure many of you are wondering if Acadia Lifelong Learning will resume this fall. We have decided, like many of our partners who offer events for seniors, that we will delay our in-person programming again this fall with a hope to provide some programming in Winter 2022 (although auditing will have to wait until Fall 2022).

We will once again be waiving our $25 membership fee and in fact, we have decided to remove it entirely moving forward. You will no longer have to renew your ALL membership each year.

Over the past year, we have built quite a library of local and online options on our Upcoming Events page to help you continue your lifelong learning journey while our programming is paused. We have SO many events and programs listed there. We really encourage you to take a look and start planning your fall learning now. As always, we will continue to post events we find on Facebook as well.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Our Vision

To enable our community to thrive by sharing knowledge in the spirit of lifelong learning.

Our Mission

Acadia Lifelong Learning strives to stimulate curiosity and expand thought-provoking learning experiences by drawing on unique community resources in partnership with Acadia University to nurture and inspire lifelong learning.