There's always reason to learn. There's always time to grow.

At Acadia, we're firm believers that education is a truly lifelong pursuit. What are your interests and your passions? What do you always wish you had studied? No matter what your age and your educational background, you'll find affordable and unique courses and events from Acadia Lifelong Learning (ALL).

We offer courses and events designed for the community, from archaeology and history to music and literature to painting and photography. Through ALL programs, you'll revisit old talents, discover new skills, make social connections, and learn from a number of engaging local experts from Acadia and beyond.

Our Vision

To enable our community to thrive by sharing knowledge in the spirit of lifelong learning.

Our Mission

Acadia Lifelong Learning strives to stimulate curiosity and expand thought-provoking learning experiences by drawing on unique community resources in partnership with Acadia University to nurture and inspire lifelong learning.