Auditing Acadia University Courses

As part of our efforts to foster truly lifelong learning, ALL members age 50+ are eligible for free credit course audits. You may be able to audit any lecture-style undergraduate course offered by the university and the Acadia Divinity College, pending available space and permission by the professor.

What is auditing?
If you audit an Acadia University course, you'll be able to attend any and all lectures in a course. ALL members are often particularly interested in studying languages, history, and religious studies.

How is auditing different from taking a course?
Auditing a course is not the same as enrolling in a course. You will not be graded or tasked with writing tests or assignments. You will also not earn academic credit for the course.

Is auditing really free?
Yes, as an active ALL member (only $25 per year) age 50 and above, you are welcome to audit courses without paying any tuition.

However, please note that certain courses require the use of Acadia's online course management system, "ACORN". In these instances, we require a small fee of $50 for related administrative costs. If this fee is applicable, you will be notified during the registration process, before your course begins.

How to register to audit a course:

To audit Acadia University undergraduate courses (does not apply to online courses):

  • Review the available courses at the Registrar's website. You can view all available courses, dates, times, etc via this database.
  • Note the course number, name, section, time and instructor.
  • Contact us with this information at 585-1434, or email, and we will request permission for you to audit the course.
  • NOTE: For courses in which the instructor indicates that the use of Acadia's courseware management system (ACORN) is required, there will be a $50 fee.